The Neighborhood Counseling Center
a home for mindfulness and wellbeing in intown Atlanta

 You are welcome here. No matter the difficult moments that bring you to counseling—no matter how depressed, anxious, grief-stricken, confused, ashamed, rageful, uncertain, sad, or fearful you are—we are here for you. We are here to help you through to the other side. We are here to remind you of who you are and to help you discover what matters most and how to live your truths. We are here to help you to feel free to find yourself—your authentic self—for the first time. We welcome you as you are.

Nestled in the intown Atlanta neighborhood of Kirkwood, we’re a community of mindfulness-based psychotherapists who specialize in supporting you on a path toward better health and well-being. We can help you be more mindful,  figure out why you do what you do (and make new choices), grow your capacity for self-compassion, change damaging patterns, increase wise decision-making, tackle anxiety and depression, heal from past difficulties and traumas, grieve what needs to be grieved, and  grow into more authentic and satisfying connections with yourself and the world around you.

Sound good?

That’s why we’re here. We know the rest of your life can be better than what it is now. We know life can be easier and you shouldn’t have to hide your true self to find acceptance or love (from yourself or anyone else). We want to meet you. We want to help. 

Dana Goldman, LPC, NCC

I work with: adults, families, teens, and the smattering of older kids.

Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety, grief, depression, perfectionism, relationship challenges, and self-loathing.

My clients describe me as: gentle, focused, patient, safe, empathetic, and compassionate.

A few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I'm in an interfaith family and have studied and learned with Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and atheist communities. I'm an introvert who loves community and a bicycle commuter. Oh, and I have a mega sweet tooth.

Ginny Thompson, LPC, RYT500
psychotherapist + yoga teacher

I work with: children using play therapy and adolescents and adults through individual counseling, private yoga and life coaching.

Main issues my clients deal with:  psychological or physical trauma, chronic illness, grief and stress related to working in the healthcare system.

My clients describe me as: warm, compassionate and effective in supporting growth and change.

A few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I am vegetarian, learning how to play the mandolin, and I am highly competitive on the ping pong table. 

Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW
psychotherapist + meditation teacher

Name: Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW

I work with: individual adults, young adults, mothers, & folks interested in mindfulness & meditation 

Main issues my clients deal with:  stress, anxiety, and overwhelm; growing in self-awareness & self-compassion; identifying purpose & passion; improving relationships (with partners, friends & family)

My clients describe me as: warm, approachable, gentle, non-judgmental and supportive.  

A few things you might not know about me from looking at me:   I have two little kids who are my greatest joys and my greatest teachers (read: sometimes parenting is really, really hard) in life. I LOVE live music and have seen hundreds of shows in venues all across the country. I spent time living in Tanzania years ago and (at least used to) speak Swahili!  Who knew?

Maggie Akstin MA, LAPC

I work with: adults of all ages with a focus on young adults, queer folks, trans folks and others who may not abide squarely at one end or the other of a gender binary. I work with people in non traditional romantic, sexual, and domestic relationships.

Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, existential and vocational concerns, relationship struggles and questions, and life transitions.

My clients describe me as: attentive, open, accepting, and down to earth.

A few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I made my living growing vegetables for several years and I once rode my bike across the Florida Everglades.