Our Team

All our therapists are experienced psychotherapists with a track record of working successfully and compassionately with clients.

Dana Goldman, LPC, NCC
psychotherapist + meditation teacher

I work with: adults, families, couples, teens, and the smattering of older kids.

Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety, grief, depression, perfectionism, relationship challenges, and self-loathing. My clients describe me as: gentle, focused, patient, safe, empathetic, and compassionate. A few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I'm in an interfaith family and have studied and learned with Jewish, Christian, Buddhist and atheist communities. I'm an introvert who loves community and a bicycle commuter. Oh, and I have a mega sweet tooth.
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Elizabeth Wilder Young, LCSW
psychotherapist + meditation teacher

I work with: individual adults, young adults, couples, mothers & folks interested in mindfulness & meditation.

Main issues my clients deal with:  stress, anxiety, and overwhelm; growing in self-awareness & self-compassion; identifying purpose & passion; improving relationships (with partners, friends & family)My clients describe me as: warm, approachable, gentle, non-judgmental and supportive.  A few things you might not know about me from looking at me: I have two little kids who are my greatest joys and my greatest teachers in life. I have seen hundreds of live music shows, and I spent time living in Tanzania years ago and (at least used to) speak Swahili!  
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Maggie Akstin, MA, LAPC

I work with: adults of all ages with a focus on young adults, queer folks, trans folks and others who may not abide squarely at one end or the other of a gender binary. I work with people in nontraditional romantic, sexual, and domestic relationships.

Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, existential and vocational concerns, relationship struggles and questions, and life transitions.My clients describe me as: attentive, open, accepting, and down to earth.A few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I made my living growing vegetables for several years and I once rode my bike across the Florida Everglades. 
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Emily Gosterisli, PhD, LCSW
I work with: Adults and young adults, mothers/ parents, college/ graduate students, individuals interested in mindfulness and self compassion.
Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety, depression, perfectionism and critical inner voice, life transitions, grief, and relationship and family challengesMy clients describe me as: kind, nurturing, compassionate, non-judgmentalA few things you wouldn't know about me just from looking: I am a mother of three young children and my family is bicultural/bilingual Turkish American. I love the woods and the water and I am so fascinated by dolphins I went to adult “dolphin camp” to study (and swim with!) them before graduate school. 
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Tara Lozano, LPC

I work with: adults, teens, parents/caregivers, and families.

Main issues my clients deal with: anxiety/overwhelm, feelings of inadequacy or “not good enough,” longing to connect more deeply with self and with others, fertility problems, substance use/abuse concerns for teens and adults. My clients describe me as: warm, genuine, curious, and approachable. A few things you wouldn’t know about me just from looking: I have 2 young children, I deeply value my meditation practice and time in nature, and I have an extensive inner catalog of camp songs from my 20-year connection to being a camp counselor/director/campfire leader.
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